Server- und Netzwerkmanagement

Our services help your company to optimise its IT infrastructure efficiently. With advice from our experienced professionals and customised system designs, we help make your business processes more efficient and competitive.

What does it mean?

Imagine a big city where roads and highways are the "networks" and big central buildings are the "servers". The cars driving on the roads and highways represent the data going to and from the servers via the network.

A "server and network operator" is like a city planner and a maintenance worker: making sure that the roads run smoothly, that there are no traffic jams, and that office buildings or malls are working properly without disruptions.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who has moved beyond the 4-5 employee level and needs to do their own mail, implement central systems or perhaps run more complex software.

How do we maintain safe operation?

We receive daily updates from several sources on the latest vulnerabilities. Where possible, system updates are run on test systems first. Systems are usually backed up daily at image level and also backed up at database or file level, even when changes occur.

Our monitoring system monitors 0-24 for outages, overloads, logins and many other aspects, which also give us an immediate indication.

On top of this, our colleagues carry out weekly manual inspections of most critical systems at all our partners, because we believe that even though everything can be automated, it's worth human interaction with the systems to see and experience if everything is OK.

Brands frequently used by our customers:

netgate ubiquiti
fortigate hp
dell mikrotik
aws synology
microsoft azure zyxel

Software that we support most often:

pfsense unifi
c-panel vmware
hyperv google workspace
microsoft office 365 MSSQL
power bi lamp

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